Jennifer Andrews Jennifer Andrews' Fine Arts Courses

Jennifer Andrews also has courses in Computer Technology and Planning.

Art Foundations 12 builds upon the skills learned in AF11. Students in AF12 will explore a variety of mediums, including drawing, printmaking, sculpture and design. 

This course introduces students to the animation industry. Students will learn how cartoons are produced, the history of the industry, and career options. Students will produce an original animated short using Lightwave software.

Students will be gaining advanced animation skills, learning the Principles of Animation and creating characters with appeal. The animations and sketchbook produced will be suitable for a college entrance portfolio and/or applying for scholarships.

This course introduces students to graphic design, photography, and Photoshop. This course is taught in a computer lab and many lessons & notes are available online for better organization. Participation and attendance are required.

The purpose of GD 12 is to build upon the knowledge gained in GD 11 with advanced lessons in PhotoShop, Photography and Graphic Design. This course is for students interested in pursuing a career related to Graphic Design.

Students enrolled in this hands-on course will be responsible for the layout and production of the school yearbook. Students will be assigned work in the areas of photography, journalism, interviewing, data collection, page layout, and editing. 
Yearbook 12 students will be building upon their skills learned in Graphic Design or Yearbook 11 and take a leadership role in Yearbook production. They will be expected to teach the grade 11 students how to use Yeartech or Photoshop, edit peer writing, and assist with file organization and management.