This course consists of four modules: an introductory module, two modules selected from a choice of four modules, and concluding module. Each module has five sections and a module test. The modules are thematic and focus on elements of literature including a novel, and a combination of short stories, folk tales, poetry or a play.

Module choices must be made at registration.

The questions found in the self-marking activities, the send-in activities and the tests emphasize thinking skills as well as content recall.

Use of an audio tape recorder is compulsory for listening and public speaking.
This course also has an optional video compoent. To obtain the video tapes, students must complete a rental form and forward a deposit. A video tape recorder is required for the tapes obtained from the Distance Education School.

Science 9 is an on-line course with four modules:

  • Module 1: Cells and Reproduction
  • Module 2: Exploring the Colours of Chemistry
  • Module 3: Take Charge! Electricity
  • Module 4: A Journey Through Space

Each module contains sections with self-marking Guided Practice activities (answers provided) as well as Section Assignments which you submit online to your instructor for marking.

Social Studies 9 (Online), version 04
It is recommended that students complete:
Grade 8
Social Studies 9 is focused on Europe and North America from 1500 to 1815, with a link to current events whenever appropriate. It emphasizes understanding, connecting, applying knowledge, and practicing active citizenship. The course has been developed in print and online versions and addresses all the prescribed learning outcomes in the Ministry of Education's Social Studies 9 IRP.