2018 Western Canadian Learning Network
for use by current WCLN.ca members
Textbook: none required
Release Date: August 2018

2015 BCLearningNetwork
Includes: OCBC
Textbook: No Textbook Required
Exams: Moodle Database
Release Date: Sept/2015

It is recommended that students complete:
? Social Studies 10
This course addresses the new Social Studies 11 IRP (published in September 2005) and prepares students for the new provincial exam.
Module 1 explores the structure of Canadian government, the political spectrum, and electoral systems. Modules 2 and 3 focus on Canada?s role in 20th century history, including the two World Wars, United Nations? peacekeeping efforts, and international affairs. Module 4 addresses population, standards of living, environmental challenges, and Canada?s response to global issues such as global warming and ozone layer depletion.
The course also includes an exam preparation package, with sample use of the interactive multimedia CD, Prospects. Occasionally, an atlas is required for this course, any atlas will do.