Matthew Lynn Matthew Lynn's Courses

Course Description:

The primary focus of this course is obtaining knowledge for personal financial freedom.  The objective of this course is to help students understand and plan their financial future, to become more prepared to manage their money by developing knowledge and literacy to understand current financial conditions, products and planning skills.


Course Description: This course will build on the concepts learned in Accounting 11.  The course is designed to deepen understanding in the skills needed to meet the challenges faced by accounting professionals and business owners in today’s society.

Course Description:   In this course you will be exploring world of Entrepreneurhsip and Marketing!  We will be learning a variety of topics to give you an introduction on how to become a successful business person in today’s society.  By the end of the semester you will have a good understanding of business and how to start a basic enterprise.

Course Description:   This course introduces you to accounting and the accounting cycle.    You will learn to find, organize and understand financial information, prepare and collect financial records then present your findings to help manage a company’s decision making process.

Course Description: This course introduces you to the world of small business. You will learn the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur then apply these skills by creating, building and operating a small business. Running a business outside of class and school hours will be essential in the success of your venture which will ultimately teach you about the challenges and successes that Entrepreneurs face.